Metis Pride - Volunteers
Metis Local 87 is always on the look out for volunteers or donations to help with upcoming community events. All of us together can help others and show our pride.

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Our City, Our Community.
It is our Mission to give our city and our community the feeling of Peace and Caring. We will strive to show how the Metis can play a role in making this a reality.

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WELCOME to Metis Local 87 to all Metis in the Calgary area

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On behalf of the members of Metis Local 87 in Calgary, we welcome you to our site. It is our goal to provide support for the Metis community in Calgary and keep the Metis Culture alive for our future generations to pass on. The Metis Local 87 Non-Profit Organization is one of pride & culture, and we will be honored to show those who wish to learn, grow and experience our heritage. Please visit our Facebook page and like us!

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Joining Local Metis 87 will give us more strength to help others, help our community and have pride in our heritage. We always need volunteers, donations and support to help us strive to be there for those who need us.

We look forward to meeting you!

Sample of the New Alberta MNA Card.

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us on how to apply.

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Sample of the New Alberta MNA Card.

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Application Requirements for MNA Membership

The Métis Nation of Alberta is issuing new membership cards to replace the existing plastic laminated ‘red and white’ cards. New membership cards will NOT be automatically issued to holders of the current ‘red and white’ card. To receive a new card, members must contact the regional or provincial registry offices to ensure that all necessary documentation is on file to prove the card holder meets the criteria for membership.

The new membership cards contain security features that effectively remove the possibility of illegal duplication. Bar codes on the cards link to a state of the art information database containing personal and genealogical information that guarantee the holder of the card is Métis and is eligible for Aboriginal rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act (1982).


To apply for a membership with the MNA you must meet the requirements of the definition of Métis.
Click HERE to see the full requirements and downloadable forms to get your New MNA membership card.

Requirements to join Metis Local 87
To apply for a membership with the Metis Local 87, you must have your MNA Card and a MNA Local 87 Voting or Non- Voting Membership card. There is a small fee of $5.00 to get your Local 87 Membership card. Contact us to how to apply for yours.